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Care & Cleaning


Gemstones and other organic or pearls should be protected from the alcohol or acids in makeup, perfume and hairspray. Jewellery dips and sonic cleaners can damage pearls and gemstones, and wear down gold coatings.

Generally, gemstones and pearls require only lukewarm water.




Although gemstones are some of the hardest natural materials in the world, the cut and setting can make them vulnerable. Larger stones in particular should be worn and stored with care. Cutting gemstones may be stained by oils or liquids, so we recommend that you avoid contacting with the following substances:

• Perfume

• Chlorine

• Water

• Hairspray

• Bleaches and other Cleaning Material

• Face creams, sun tan lotion and household chemicals





There is no need to clean pearls – the natural oils on your skin will help maintain their lustre. Even very mild detergent may damage their delicate coating.  Pearls should be restrung everyone to four years, depending on how often you wear them. If the string on your pearls is still bright white, it’s probably still fine. But if it’s beginning to look dull or grey, it’s time to restring.





Some of our jewellery is plated with gold, which can give it either a bright, polished gold finish, or a frosted appearance. Store your gold plated jewellery in its own pocket or pouch of a jewellery box or wallet to prevent it getting scratched.

If your pieces start to look tired then bring them into any jewelry care shop for replating to restore their shine.





We offer a small jewellery case for you. but if you are in the trip, a small jewellery pouch or a lambs leather travel case in your handbag where you can safely store your bracelet, earrins, necklace. To keep your jewellery scratch-free, secure and untangled while you’re travelling, it’s worth packing a jewellery wallet, where each item has its own pouch or compartment, ensuring your bracelet, earrings, necklaces don’t get lost in your luggage.