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From Stockholm, Los Angeles, and Hongkong.

AWNL Romantic Snow BR White

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Inspiration - One million years ago, the Muonionalusta meteorite pierced night sky, bringing a gift from universe to all sentient beings.
Today, AWNL combines meteorite with white quartz to present luxury, elegance and delicacy on your wrist.


Craftsmanship - Handcrafted by our experienced craftsman, this faceted white quartz shows our endeavour to pay meticulous attention to details.
Muonionalusta meteorites also possess some of nature's own fingerprints, with each one having their own unique birthmarks.
Decorated with CZ diamonds make the bracelet even more brighter.


May the energy be with you - Snow symbolizes purity and romance, combining with white quartz highlights its purification even more.
Holding a real shooting star in your hand will make your wishes come true.


Worldwide free shipping for orders over $100.